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Just BE inc. offers a variety of workshops that can be customized for schools, organizations or groups. Here are some of the workshop topics offered: 


  • You and "the Bae": Navigating romantic relationships

  • "You got Indian in your family?": The real story behind "good" and "bad" hair 

  • Cake, Cake, Cake, Cake: Talking about Hip-Hop's obsession with our bodies

  • In Search of Me, Myself and I: Deconstructing Media's portrayal of Black girls

  • 'me too.': Exploring sexual abuse, assault and exploitation in our community

Workshops are customized for age and demographic, however most are aimed at young women of color between 12 and 18 year old. For more information on booking a workshop please contact us here



Just BE Inc. has conducted workshops for the following institutions: 


  • ​Jubilee Community Center (Montgomery, AL)

  • 21st Century Youth Leadership Movement at Tuskegee University

  • Youth Summit at the Annual Bridge Crossing Commemoration (Selma, AL)

  • Temple University (Philadelphia, PA) 

  • Upward Bound Program at Harcum College (Bryn Mawr, PA) 

  • Mastery Charter School: Lenfest Campus (Philadelphia, PA)

  • Kensington CAPA High School (Philadelphia, PA)

  • R.W. Brown Community Center (Philadelphia, PA)

  • The Dawn Staley Foundation (Philadelphia, PA) 

  • Mott Hall Bridges Academy (Brooklyn, NY)

  • New York Youth at Risk (New York, NY) 




Coming soon. 

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