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Founded in 2006, Just Be Inc. is a youth organization focused on the health, well being and wholeness of young women of color. In the face of media, music and pop culture that increasingly diminish the importance, worth, and esteem of girls and women, particularly women of color, our organization deals specifically with the range of issues teen and pre-teen girls are faced with daily. Our programs center around empowerment and guidance for girls as they grow and begin to define themselves. This time period in a young woman's life is very special, but can also be challenging. Living in a world that won't allow them to be little girls; but not yet equipped with the wisdom and experience to be considered women can be confusing. The seeds that are planted during the Just Be Inc. experience, with grace, will take root, grow and blossom, as these girls become women in the world. Our ultimate goal is to help young women create a foundation that allows them to be creative, inspired, resilient, patient, confident and kind and to know that when all else fails they are equipped with everything they need to Just Be!

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to guide young women of color in their process of self-discovery so that they may find the tools necessary to be empowered past their “risk” and around their circumstances in order to set or reset the trajectory of thier lives. Our vision includes girls of all shades, shapes and sizes developing into women with a strong sense of self worth, an ability to think independently and progressively and a desire to make a positive contribution to their community.

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