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Dear Supporters, 


Just BE Inc. has been a labor of love for the last ten years. What started as a small community group aimed at helping young women find more focus, has developed into an organization working hard to ensure the health, well-being and wholeness of little brown girls everywhere. 


​Your donations help to move us closer to that goal by supporting our two major programs. A donation to Just BE Inc. supports the work of the JEWELS programs. The young women who participate in JEWELS are being transformed one day at a time. Through mentorship, out of town excursions, innovative learning sessions and consistent messaging we are working to empower our JEWELS with a robust sense of self worth. Our second program is actually more of a movement - one that we are building daily. We call 'me too.' a movement because our goal is to educate and activate millions of women and girls across the country who are survivors of sexual abuse, assault and exploitation (S.A.A.E.). Our philosohy of "empowerment through empathy" is the tool we use to connect millions of women and girls who have spent, for some, years in a dark place feeling isolated and alone. We want all survivors to move beyond survival into a thriving life and the 'me too.' movement is our vehicle to do just that. 


This is a big year for our organization and we hope that you will partner with us to help bring our vision to fruition.  Thank you so much for your support. Whether it's in dollars or in love - we value every contribution - and we hope that you will continue to be a champion of our cause. 



All the best, 


Tarana Burke

Founder, Just BE Inc. 



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